@ASM Conference Information

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Presenting the @ASM Conference series:
the newest and most focused conference format offered by the American Society for Microbiology!

Thank you for your ideas for the
2016 @ASM Conference!


What is an @ASM Conference?

Held at the American Society for Microbiology headquarters in Washington, DC, @ASM Conferences are ASM’s most exclusive educational programs, designed to foster interaction and facilitate collaboration in a small-meeting environment. Every participant is fully engaged – there are no observers at @ASM Conferences.

All prospective participants are invited to register or will apply to be selected for one of up to 50 openings. The exclusivity of @ASM Conferences allows for in-depth discussions with colleagues centered on a single topic, technology training, or issue of concern to ASM stakeholders.

From conception to execution, @ASM Conferences can be deployed in 9 months. The nimble planning timeframe allows @ASM Conferences to address cutting-edge and emerging topics.

@ASM Conferences are always offered over a weekend. Registration packages include group meals and social functions from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, allowing attendees to expand their network.

Why are @ASM Conferences unique?

@ASM conferences are ASM’s most exclusive educational programs. This exclusivity allows for in-depth discussions with colleagues centered on a single topic, technology training, or issue of concern to ASM stakeholders.

A few concepts that would work well in the @ASM format include:

  • Think Tanks – Centered around topics of importance to academia, government, and/or the corporate sector, to suggest new research agendas and define knowledge gaps.
  • Hands-on Technology Forums – Exploration of new technology tools useful for the field.
  • Rare Specialties – Bringing together researchers for in-depth discussions on a topic that doesn’t get covered at other scientific conferences.

How does ASM decide what topics to offer?

ASM will issue a call for @ASM Conferences proposals to the ASM membership. The Conferences Committee will review the proposals and select the best to develop into an @ASM Conference. The Committee will evaluate how well the proposed conference lends itself to full audience participation and engaged discussion from start to finish, what gaps exist in the marketplace and how the content would fill them, and the expertise of the proposed conference leadership team. 

What is the standard schedule framework?

@ASM Conferences are a 2-day meeting, starting with a welcome mixer on Friday evening, sessions all day Saturday and Sunday morning, and ending at 12:30 pm Sunday.

The host organizer will ensure that the design of the session schedule allows for discussion and information exchange tailored to the type of content that is being covered. Different formats can easily adopt the @ASM schedule framework – roundtable discussions, brainstorming sessions, hands-on demonstrations, new technology training, and research updates.


What is included?

@ASM Conferences include travel support for the host organizer and up to 7 content experts and discussion leaders, food and beverages for participants, printed and electronic program materials, participant contact list, and use of all resources of ASM, including staff, advertising and financial management. ASM provides a list of nearby hotels, and accommodations are secured directly by attendees to allow for maximum budget flexibility. As appropriate for the topic and attendee base, @ASM Conferences offer a limited number of student/postdoc/trainee travel grants. No fund raising is required. A final outcomes report can be submitted for publication in Microbe, ASM’s monthly news magazine.

If you have questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .