In recent years we have witnessed firsthand the evolution of the microbial sciences. New technology has led to new discoveries which have resulted in new research disciplines. The landscape of the field is continually changing and the methods in which we deliver these discoveries must adapt along with it. As a result, the ASM conferences program design focuses on integrating recent trends and engaging ASM membership in identifying relevant areas of science.

Each year the ASM Conferences Committee will select six to eight conferences focusing on specific topics, for conferences that range in size from 100-500 attendees.

  • Approximatly four conferences will be reserved for the conference topics that have traditionally demonstrated a high level of interest and attendance. 
  • The remaining conferences will be dedicated to new areas of science identified by trends occurring in the field and topic proposals from ASM membership. 

Submitting a Conference Proposal

New Conference Topic

New conferences are added to the ASM Conferences program each year through the proposal process outlined below:

  • The ASM Conferences Committee issues an annual Call for Topic Proposals in the spring each year. Topic proposals for new conferences are due by July 1 each year.
  • Proposals for new topics for conferences are reviewed in the summer, and conference topics selected for further consideration move on to the next round of proposals. 
  • The Conferences Committee will evaluate the new topic proposals based on the following criteria:
    • How well the proposed topic lends itself to a full conference;
    • What gaps exist in the marketplace and how the content would fill them; and
    • The expertise of the proposed conference leadership team
  • If selected for second-round consideration, ASM will send the scientific contact the full proposal application and instructions in August each year. 
  • Final proposals are due by November 1 each year, and if approved by the Conferences Committee at the winter review meeting, the conference would be scheduled for the following year (12 – 23 months after final approval). 

Call for Topics has closed! 

Existing ASM Conference

Any existing conference may request the full proposal form and instructions by contacting ASM Conferences at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    1. Proposals for the next iteration of an existing conference are due by November 1 each year and if approved by the Conferences Committee at the winter review meeting, the conference would be scheduled for the following year (12 – 23 months after final approval).



Proposal Review Timetable

Milestone                                         New Conference Topic                                Existing ASM Conference
Call for Topic Proposals Open May 1 - July 1 Not Applicable 
Topic Proposal Deadline July 1 Not Applicable

Conference Committee
Topic Review Meeting

July - August  Not Applicable
Notifications for 2nd Round/
Full Proposal Forms Available
August 30 August 30
Full Proposals Due November 1 November 1
Conferences Committee
Proposal Review Meeting
November - December November - December
Final Notifications January 15 January 15
Conference Dates January - November (the following year) January - November (following year)