Conference Scope

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2016 @ASM Conference Topic 

The Individual Microbe: Single-cell Analysis and Agent-based Modeling

March 1820, 2016, ASM Headquarters, Washington, DC

Recent technological advances in single-cell microbiology, using flow cytometry, microfluidics, x-ray fluorescence microprobes, and single-cell -omics, allow for the observation of individuals within populations. Simultaneously, individual/agent-based models allow for individual microbes to be simulated. Bridging these techniques forms the foundation of individual-based microbiology of microbes. The goal of this @ASM Conference is to bring together researchers interested in applying individual observational and/or modeling techniques to study microbiology.

What is an @ASM Conference

ASM’s newest concept for meetings – Held at the American Society for Microbiology headquarters in Washington, DC, @ASM Conferences are designed to foster interaction and facilitate collaboration between 50 invited participants. With each attendee contributing to the scientific program as either a faculty member, discussion moderator, oral abstract presenter or digital poster presenter, the @ASM conference format allows for in-depth discussions on a single topic and acts as an incubator for bringing new scientific specialty meetings to the microbiology community.      

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