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ASM Headquarters
1752 N St. NW
Washington, DC

In an effort to provide useful information on the Zika virus that is not already coming out in various venues, the American Society for Microbiology announces the new @ASM Conference – Special President’s Edition on “What Does the Biology of Flaviruses Tell Us About Zika: the Importance of Fundamental Virus Biology.” Lynn Enquist, ASM President, along with Sean Whelan, Chair of the ASM Conferences Committee, will be convening this one-day conference on June 1, 2016, at ASM Headquarters in Washington, DC.

This special conference will focus on fundamental virology that might inform us about the curious Zika developments for which there is speculation but not hard data. Since Zika came to our attention in 1947, very little research has been done on it. In the absence of much data, the goal of this day-long meeting is to see what might be gleaned from work with other flaviviruses. The value found in fundamental virology research forms the basis of the conference.

The program includes sessions on Viral Replication Machinery, Innate and Adaptive Immunity, Epidemiology and Pathogenesis, and Virus-host Interactions. In all, 20 speakers will present during the conference, with eight presentations reserved for talks selected from the submitted applications.

The conference is limited to 50 participants, and all persons interested in participating must submit an application to be considered for one of the available seats.