ASM Conference on Bio-, Micro-, and Nanosystems

Conference Scope

The conference met in New York, New York, on July 7 - 10, 2003, to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific information in the emerging research area of biological materials, especially whole cells, used for the realization of molecular-scale machines. This conference provided a unique opportunity for microbiologists, physicists, engineers, and others working at this interface of many disciplines to interact, network, and form interdisciplinary alliances.

Scientific Topics Covered

Bio-microelectronics, bio-nanoelectronics, and bio-photonics 

Potential research areas covered are magnetic bacteria, bacterial rhodopsin, S-layer and other microbial systems explored for use in making electronic or photonic devices.


This topic is in the area of nano-structured materials that interface with biological materials (e.g. whole cells) in applications such as diseases detection, monitoring, and control.

Bio-MEMS, biosensors, and bio-robotics 

This topic area covers the use of biological materials (whole cells, biomolecules, functional biomolecular machines, etc) in information processing, sensing, and actuating systems. Examples include bacterial flagella, ATP motors, and the use of genetic circuits for information processing

Scientific Organizers

Tina Van Dyk, DuPont Company
Michael Simpson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Siqun Wang, Agilent Technologies 

Complete Program Book (with Abstracts)