ASM Conference on Integrating Metabolism and Genomics

April 30 - May 3, 2004, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Conference Scope

The impact of genomics on metabolic studies has been great; once the province of microbial biochemists the field is now occupied by a diverse set of theoreticians, informaticians, mathematicians and engineers as well as by the more traditional genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry communities. The purpose of IMAGE was to foster an ongoing dialog between these communities at multiple levels ranging from the established investigator to students that are midway through obtaining their advanced degrees.

Scientific Organizers:

Diana Downs, University of Wisconsin 
Bob LaRossa, DuPont Company 
Mary Lidstrom, University of Washington 
Linc Sonenshein, Tufts University School of Medicine 
Greg Stephanopolous, MIT

Sessions and Chairs:

Lessons from the Yeast Community [Mark Johnston, WUSTL]
Technological Advances [Bob LaRossa, DuPont]
Impact of Genomics upon Metabolic Engineering [Greg Stephanopoulos, MIT]
Complex Regulatory Systems [Barry Wanner, Purdue]|
Genomics, Metabolism & Infection [Linc Sonenshein, Tufts Medical School]
Metabolic Integration [Diana Downs, Wisconsin]
Genomics, Metabolism & the Environment [Mary Lidstrom, Washington]

Program and Abstracts Book