2nd ASMET - The ASM Emerging Technologies Conference

Conference Scope

March 8 - 11, 2011, San Juan, Puerto Rico

The conference presented the latest information onadvances in the detection, characterization, and reporting ofinfectious agents as well as new advances in laboratory informationsystems.  In other words, what clinical laboratories can, and SHOULD,be using to diagnose infectious diseases, assist infection control, andserve patients.  Multiple new technologies are emerging that willenable clinical microbiology laboratories to 1) identify infectiousagents, 2) recognize emerging antimicrobial resistance, 3)differentiate infection from inflammation, and 4) facilitate theautomated surveillance of microbiology data in laboratory informationsystems to recognize not only individual healthcare-associatedinfections but infectious disease outbreaks as well.  Many of the newtechnologies have been applied to bacterial, mycobacterial, fungal,viral, and even parasitic infections.  Currently there is no othersingle meeting that focuses on which new technologies function best ina clinical laboratory setting or how to implement these rapidlyemerging methods into the clinical laboratory and healthcare system.   

Conference Goals:

Thegoals of this conference were: 1) to update the attendees onstate-of-the-art diagnostic and informatics technologies that arereadily available to the clinical microbiology laboratory, 2) to fosterdiscussion among attendees and experts from around the world on how toapply the novel technologies to your laboratory and healthcare systems,and 3) to broaden the dialogue among clinical microbiologists,physicians, pharmacists, infection preventionists, and industryrepresentatives on what is available, what is needed, and what newtechnologies may be emerging in the future.    


Fred C. Tenover; Cepheid, USA
Lance R. Peterson; NorthShore University HealthSystem, University of Chicago. USA
Minjun Chen; Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China
Jan Kluytmans; Amphia Ziekenhuis, The Netherlands
Flavia Rossi; University of São Paulo School of Medicine, Brazil
Hui Wang; Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China 

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