2nd ASM-ESCMID Conference on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococci in Animals: Veterinary and Public Health Implications 2011

Conference Scope

September 8-11, 2011, Washington, DC

Bringing scientists investigating zoonotic MRSA together from around the world, the Conference educated scientists about zoonotic MRSA by sharing cutting-edge research; promoting collaborations amongst scientists working in this field; and developing further research ideas which will mitigate the spread of this organism from animals to the human population.  The Conference integrated recent developments in subject areas ranging from the basic epidemiology of animal-associated MRSA to developments in genomics, pathogenesis, and disease prevention. 

The goal was to integrate these diverse disciplines in order to create a holistic appreciation of the role of animals—and particularly food animals—in the ecology and transmission of MRSA. This conference was also unique due to its international scope and its involvement of both human and animal health professionals. 

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