2nd Conference on Manipulation of Nuclear Processes by DNA Viruses

Conference Scope
October 23 - 26, 2011, Santa Fe, New Mexico
This meeting brought together researchers who work on DNA viruses that replicate in the nucleus: Polyoma-Papilloma-, Adeno- and Herpesviruses to discuss virus host interactions occurring in the nucleus.  It is becoming clear that these DNA viruses interact with many of the same host pathways.  Except for the very large ASV type-meeting format, there are a few opportunities to meet to discuss the similarities and differences in how nuclear DNA viruses manipulate the host to promote their agenda.  Current research in this area is aimed at understanding how DNA viruses manipulate the nucleus in various ways including interactions with DNA repair, proteosomal, chaperone and stress response pathways.  Viral interactions with the host transcriptional machinery and the nucleolus as well as innate antiviral defense mechanisms, which operate in the nucleus, will be considered.  Interactions with oncogenes and tumor suppressors will also be discussed.  Although Polyoma-, Papilloma-, Adeno- and Herpesviruses interact with some of the same host cell pathways, each virus family has evolved unique strategies to create a nuclear environment conducive to viral gene expression and replication.