1st ASM Conference on Experimental Microbial Evolution


Conference Flyer

The past quarter century has witnessed an explosive increase in the use of microorganisms to study evolution experimentally. Experimental microbial evolution (EME) is a vibrant and expanding field, which over the last decade has assimilated, and in many cases pioneered genomic tools for high-throughput analysis of clones and populations. EME is broadly integrative, as connecting genotype to fitness requires detailed understanding of molecular biology, physiology and ecology. Indeed, some of the most exciting work in this burgeoning field is being undertaken by a new generation of systems biologists, whose goal is to do the hard work of connecting genotype to phenotype by carefully reading out and interpreting “-omics” data under a variety of experimental conditions.  Biologists using microbes ranging from viruses to Bacteria to microbial Eukaryotes are illuminating the mechanisms of evolution at a resolution that Darwin, Delbruck and Dobzhansky could scarcely have imagined.  Plan now to join scientific leaders in Washington, DC in June for this vibrant new ASM Conference!

Final Program & Abstract Book