6th International Meeting on Microbial Epidemiological Markers

Conference Scope

IMMEM6 was held August 27 - 30, 2003 in Les Diablerets, Switzerland.

IMMEM serves as an interactive forum for the fields of microbial typing and its various applications in diagnostics, food microbiology, human and veterinary epidemiology, and basic research. State-of-the-art lectures on microbial typing and molecular epidemiology were presented by highly qualified speakers, and active participation by attendees was encouraged. Original contributions on the latest developments were presented in oral and poster presentations.

Scientific Topics Covered:

  • Epidemiology of human and animal pathogens (including antibiotic resistance, nosocomial and food-borne infections, etc.)
  • National and international surveillance of pathogens
  • Genomics and molecular epidemiology
  • Multi locus sequence typing applications
  • Computer-assisted electrophoretype databases and electronic networks
  • Automation of typing
  • Typing of viruses
  • Typing of uncultivable or fastidious microorganisms
  • Fungi phylogenetics and typing
  • Typing of agents of bioterrorism
  • Methodological and interpretation problems with typing methods


Scientific Program Committee: 

Dominique Blanc, Lausanne, Switzerland 
Jean-Claude Piffaretti, Lugano, Switzerland
Fred Tenover, Atlanta, USA 
Richard Goering, Omaha, USA 
Marc Struelens, Brussels, Belguim 
Lenie Dijkshoorn, Leiden, The Netherlands

Local Organizing Committee: 

Dominique Blanc 
Patrick Francioli 
Philippe Hauser 
Patrick Boerlin

Program and Abstract Book