ASM Conference on Polymicrobial Diseases

Conference Scope

Physicians, veterinarians, dentists, and researchers who study the causes and cures of infectious diseases in animals and humans are realizing that many diseases, when closely examined, involve multiple pathogenic players. These are serious diseases and the responsible microorganisms can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

This conference dealt with polymicrobial diseases as an integrated area of study that looks at the complex interactions among etiologic agents, the collective mechanisms of their pathogenicity, the synergistic clinical symptoms and pathology, and the resulting host response to infection.

Organizing Committees


Kim A. Brogden, USDA, ARS, NADC
Janet M. Guthmiller, Dows Institute for Dental Research, The University of Iowa

Organizing Committee: 

L.O. Bakaletz, Ohio State University 
Bob Burne, University of Florida 
Robert Fujinami, University of Utah School of Medicine 
Peter Greenberg, University of Iowa 
Paul Kolenbrander, NIDCR/NIH 
Karen F. Novak, University of Kentucky

Ad Hoc Members: 

Dennis F. Mangan, NIDCR/NIH 
Christopher Taylor, NIAID/NIH

Program and Abstract Book