ASM Conference on Candida and Candidiasis (7th)

Conference Scope

This meeting did once again bring together researchers in field of Candida and candidiasis for what is anticipated as the best in the storied history of the series. Due to the tremendous growth of research and investigators in the field, this meeting is now being held every two years instead of every three years. This year’s meeting had several new items, including a change in format for speaker and poster sessions, as well as provocative ‘thinking outside-the-box sessions. While primarily a basic science meeting, issues related to clinical relevance were not be absent. Following an opening session that examined the past, present, and future of Candida research, sessions for the meeting included Candida mating and life cycle, host response, biofilms and inter-microbial interactions, morphogenesis, epidemiology and population studies, genomics and proteomics, pathogenesis, drug interactions and resistance, signaling, non-albicans candida’s, and cell wall and surface molecules. A stimulating evening workshop on ‘Candida and its host’ was also held. The majority of speakers for each session were chosen from the abstracts. Each session had a student/post doc presentation.

Conference Organizers

LaJean Chaffin, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Paul Fidel, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans

Scientific Program Organizers

Dana Davis, University of Minnesota
Scott Filler, Harbour UCLA Medical Center
Mahmoud Ghannoum, Case Western Reserve University Hospital
Fritz Muehlschlegel, University of Kent
Ted White, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

Finance Committee

Judith Berman,  Univerity of Minnesota 
Jose Vazquez, Wayne State University

Program and Abstracts Book