ASM Conference on Extremophiles 2004

September 19 - 23, 2004 | Cambridge, Maryland

Conference Scope

The study of extreme environments has revealed the extraordinary versatility and durability of life in seemingly prohibitive conditions, including high and low temperature, high pressure, high salt, extreme pH and desiccation. Extremophiles 2004 was the 5th International Congress held biannually since 1996, to provide continuous coverage of new developments in the international scientific community in this burgeoning field. It also marked the first occasion this conference will be in North America. The program provided a forum to review progress in the biology, physiology, genomics, and systematics of microorganisms from extreme environments, and to stimulate interest in structural genomics and proteomics that are major growth areas in the field.

Executive Committee:

Frank Robb, Chair
Michael W. Adams
Koki Horikoshi
Robert M. Kelly
Jennifer Littlechild
Karen E. Nelson
John Reeve
Richard Roberts
Kevin R. Sowers
Karl Stetter

Program and Abstract Book - Currently Unavailable