ASM Conference on Viral Immune Evasion

March 8-12, 2005 | Acapulco, Mexico

Conference Scope

Over the past few years exciting new findings have brought the field of immune evasion to the forefront of viral pathogenesis, vaccinology, and molecular immunology.  Viruses must adapt to avoid control by host responses including innate and adaptive immunity.  As new mechanisms of host immunity are discovered, new mechanisms by which viruses evade these mechanisms are discovered.  There is little doubt that the balance between host responses and immune evasion is a key determinant of the outcome of viral infection.  This new ASM Conference included scientists from both the area of viral immune evasion and immunology in order to provide a forum for investigators from these two rapidly evolving, related, but incompletely integrated fields.

Session topics:

  • Viral regulation of MHC expression and antigen presentation
  • Viral regulation of Apoptosis and Cell Cycle
  • Viral Mutation as an Evasion Strategy: Evading T Cells and B Cells
  • Blockade of Interferon Signaling: Stopping STATs
  • Cytokine Antagonists: Receptors and Receptor Mimics
  • Regulation of Translation and Autophagy: Manipulating Cellular Machinery for Viral Replication
  • Evasion of NK Cell Responses

Scientific Committee: 

Herbert W. Virgin, Washington University of Medicine
Grant McFadden, University of Western Ontario
Ronald C. Desrosiers, Harvard Medical School

Program and Abstract Book