7th International Meeting on Microbial Epidemiological Markers

Co-sponsored by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID)

May 11 - 14, 2005 | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Conference Scope

The ‘premier’ international meeting on the epidemiological analysis of problem infectious agents, held for the first time in North America.

Major topics covered:

  • The impact of genomics on molecular epidemiology
  • Molecular epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Healthcare- and community-associated MRSA
  • Pneumococci and other Streptococci
  • Fungi
  • Molecular epidemiology of viruses
  • Epidemiology of foodborne and diarrheal diseases
  • Tracking genes, phages, and integrons
  • New technologies for molecular epidemiology
  • Chips, arrays, and SNPs
  • Using DNA sequence data for strain typing; MLST and beyond
  • PulseNet goes global 

Organizing Commitee: 

Alex van Belkum, Netherlands 
Vivian Fussing, Denmark 
Richard Goering, USA 
Michael Mulvey, Canada 
Marc Struelens, Belgium 
Fred Tenover, USA

Program and Abstract Book