Manipulation of Nuclear Processes by DNA Viruses

Conference Scope

Virus-host interactions continue to play an important role in determining the course of viral infections.  This conference was designed to bring together researchers working with Polyoma-, Papilloma-, Adeno-, Parvo- and Herpesviruses for discussion on virus-host interactions occurring in the nucleus. 

Session topics focused on how DNA viruses interact with DNA repair, transcriptional, proteosomal, chaperone and stress response pathways.  Also, innate antiviral defense mechanisms operating in the nucleus and oncogenes and tumor suppressors are likely issues to be of interest and considered for dialogue. 

Organizing Chairs:

Sandra K. Weller, Ph.D.; University of Conneticut Health Center
James M. Pipas, Ph.D.; University of Pittsburgh

Organizing Vice Chairs:

Lou Laimins, Ph.D.; Northwestern University
Patrick Hearing, Ph.D.; Stony Brook University

Program/Abstract Book