9th ASM Conference on Candida and Candidiasis

 March 24-28, 2008 | Jersey City, New Jersey

Scientific Sessions

Experimental Models of Clinical Candida Infections
Experimental Models of Clinical Candida Infections
Candida Evolution and Epidemiology
Candida Genetics and Differentiation
Host-Pathogen Interactions (Pathogen)
Host-Pathogen Interactions (Host)
Biofilms, Communities and Polymicrobial Interactions
Environmental Signalling and Adaptive Responses
Morphogenesis and Signalling
Cell Wall and Cell Surface
Antifungal Agents and Resistance
Diagnostics and Treatment


Clinical Issues Session
Evening Discussion Sessions (Wednesday Night) 

Executive Committee:

Aaron Mitchell, Chair
Judith Berman

Program Committee:

Alistair Brown, Chair
Deborah Hogan
Lois Hoyer
Michael Lorenz
Martin Schaller

Finance Committee:

David Andes
Brian Wong

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