2nd ASM Conference on Mobile DNA

April 24 - 28, 2010 | Montreal, Canada 

Conference Scope

This meeting will bring together researchers interested in all aspects of specialized recombination, from the biological to the structural and mechanistic. Research probing transposition in diverse organisms – including eubacteria, archaea, protists, plants, and animals – will be presented to showcase diversity of transposable elements and their genomic consequences and to underscore unifying principles.

Principal Organizers:

Daniel F. Voytas, PhD; University of Minnesota
Henry Levin, PhD; National Institutes of Health 


George Chaconas, PhD; The University of Calgary
Nancy Craig, PhD; Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Cedric Feschotte, PhD; University of Texas, Arlington
Phoebe A. Rice, PhD; The University of Chicago

Program/Abstract Book